"Our volunteers are a blessing each and everyday."
Our staff of Activity Professionals are committed to keeping our residents active. They work together as a team to plan activities and events. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! 
At Loch Haven our residents are offered large and small group activities as well as outings on a regular basis. Staying connected to the community is very important to us because it’s important to our residents. For our residents who are unable to participate, one-on-one activities are offered daily. There are plenty of opportunities for independent activities as well. 
It’s important to us that our residents stay active and engaged as much as possible each and every day. Our activities are centered on our residents and their interests. 
Activities that "make" our day!

Loch Haven

Senior Living Community

Another integral part of our Activity Department is our Volunteer Program. Whether our volunteers are here daily, weekly, monthly or every now and then, their contribution to our community is invaluable. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities throughout our entire campus. If you have a unique gift you would like to share with our residents, we welcome you as a Loch Haven Volunteer! To find out more about volunteering, contact Activity Director Cameron Christoffer or send a message through our Contacts Page.